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Are you having problems with blocked shower drains in Sydney?

Most of the times, the reoccurring shower drain clogs may be signalling a fault in your drainage system. Contact us today to get it fixed by a professional drain plumber.

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Shower Drain Repairs

Shower drain often gets blocked due to organic materials being trapped in the pipe or strainer. Whatever the reason behind blocked shower drains, if not fixed, it can bring you huge costs. Shower Drains, if blocked can hamper your whole drain plumbing in the long term.

Shower drain clogs are a messy business! Typically, collected hair clogs drains in bathtubs and showers. Hair retains soapy residues, which combine with the clumps of hair to form impenetrable blockages that cause water to back up into shower basins and bathtubs. When clearing a clogged shower drain, begin with the simplest and most secure technique.

However, if you are unable to fix the issue even after pouring hot water or the shower drain keeps blocking again and again- It’s time to call Sydney’s blocked drain experts at 1300 152 450.

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When should you contact a plumber for a blocked drain?

Drainage is one of those critical components of plumbing that, if not maintained properly, can cause significant damage. If you ever encounter the following scenarios, you should immediately contact a blocked drain specialist:


The first step is to inspect the drains carefully. We pay attention to slow drainage, foul odours, gurgling, and other signs. We test and inspect the drain to determine the affected area.


We inform you about the condition of the drain, causes, and how we will address it. A detailed quote will be provided, outlining all methods used and their associated costs, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Once you agree the quote, the work will begin on time and be performed effectively, causing the least amount of inconvenience to your property as possible. If you require a more permanent solution, pipe relining may be recommended.

How do shower drains gets blocked?

If your shower drains slowly and water remains in the shower for many minutes after you turn off the faucet, this is typically a sign that your shower is blocked or is developing a blockage. A foul odour originating from your drain is another indication of a clogged drain, and may be produced by material obstructing the inner walls of the pipes. A severe drain obstruction may even result in flooding of the bathroom or the development of leaks when standing water seeps through shower joints.

Smaller shower drain clogs are typically caused by soap scum, debris, and hair accumulation. Long hair, in particular, can easily clog drains, and soap exacerbates the problem by allowing hair to adhere more readily to drain walls than it would otherwise. Here are some of the other types of drain blockages that occurs in Sydney properties;

Blocked Shower Drain

Shower drains often get blocked in Sydney homes. Generally, excessive hair restricts bathtub and shower drains. Hair holds soapy residues, which when combined with clumps of hair create impenetrable blockages, causing water to back up into shower basins and bathtubs.

Unblock Sink Sydney

Sinks become clogged as a result of a foreign object or debris becoming caught in a drain pipe, or as a result of built-up residue impeding the flow. The cause and remedy of a blockage vary according to the type of sink.

Sydney Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are one of the most irritating bathroom plumbing issues. It makes your heart skip a beat to see the water level rise after you flush. Even terrifying is imagining what could go wrong later. It’s a little disturbing.

Blocked Sewer Pipe

Problems with the sewerage system arise in the pipes, preventing sewage flow away from your property. The following measures should be followed if you hear gurgling noises, sinks and toilets taking a long time to drain, or effluent overflowing from your internal wastes.

Blocked Kitchen Drain

Kitchen drains often gets blocked due to food waste flowing down the pipe. It is one of the most common problem in Sydney homes and businesses. It is recommended to to fix kitchen drain ASAP  because of the sanitary reasons.

Blocked Outdoor Drain

It can be rather unpleasant to discover a clogged exterior drain in the yard. Overflowing stormwater from a grated pit and sewerage from an overflow relief gully are the two most common types of clogged drains.

How to avoid blocked shower drains?

The best way to avoid blocked drains is to be really careful of things passing through your drainage system. For instance, not pouring oily or greasing substances down the drain, using sink strainers, also being aware when flushing excess sanitary materials. In case of clogged shower drain it can be using soap that is friendly to your drain, also by not flushing organic materials down the shower drain.

Outdoor blockages can be avoided by not planting large trees near the piping and installing pipes correctly in the first place. Block drain can also occur due to pipe aging. Pipe relining methods can be practised when seeking for permanent solutions in such cases.

Blocked Drain Solutions

Jet Blasting

The most efficient method of unclogging clogged drainage is with high pressure water jetting, which saves you both time and money.

Drain Camera

Our CCTV drain camera technology is the most advanced on the market and can pinpoint the exact location of your drainage system’s problems.

Pipe Relining

You can repair defective drains without digging up your gardens, lawns, or driveways with our No-Dig Pipe Relining service, which comes with a 100% labour warranty.

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