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Our skilled plumbers at Blocked Drain Repairs Sydney utilize the most efficient plumbing tools. clogging a Around the years, we’ve used Electric Eels to remove blocked drains all over Sydney, from sewage mains to bathroom drains, stinky drains, clogged floor drains, toilet blockages, and sink blockages (grease in sink drain, blocked kitchen sink, clogged laundry sink). Thanks to our expert Inline emergency plumbers and our electric eel drain machine, we have thousands of satisfied blocked drain customers all across Sydney.

This plumbers snake (Electric Eel drain cleaner) is one of the preferred drain cleaning method. Sewer eels are available for purchase along with drain rods, roto rooters, Rigid drain cleaners, plumbers snakes, and other sewer cleaning tools. These are all types of sewer machines/drain pipe cleaners that have been used for many years.

blocked drain plumber sydney
When to call a blocked drain plumber?

Drainage are one of those essential components of plumbing that might bring you a lot of damage when not maintained properly. A blocked drain specialist should be immediately called if you ever encounter the following situations;


The first step is to inspect the drains carefully. We pay attention to slow drainage, foul odours, gurgling, and other signs. We test and inspect the drain to determine the affected area.


We inform you about the condition of the drain, causes, and how we will address it. A detailed quote will be provided, outlining all methods used and their associated costs, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Once you approve the quote, the work will begin on time and be completed efficiently with minimal disruption to your property. If you want a permanent solution then pipe relining can also be offered to you.

Why do drains get blocked in Sydney?

Blockages in drains can occur internally or outside. If it’s an indoor blockage, heavy materials or objects may have been flushed down the drain. Grease and fat build up in the kitchen sink over time, just like hair. These fatty substances frequently clog drains and pipes and are difficult to remove.

Sanitary products, paper towels, and other hard-to-flush materials can clog pipes and obstruct drains. It can also be caused by wiping or brushing. Outdoor blockages can be caused by tree roots or poor drainage.

How to avoid blocked drains Sydney?

The best way to avoid blocked drains is to be really careful of things passing through your drainage system. For instance, not pouring oily or greasing substances down the sink, using sink strainers, also being aware when flushing excess sanitary materials.

Outdoor blockages can be avoided by not planting large trees near the pipings and installting pipes correctly in the first place. Block drain can also occur due to pipe aging. Pipe relining methods can be practised when seeking for permanent solutions in such cases.

Our Services

Water Jetter

The most efficient technique to unblock clogged drainage is through high pressure water jetting that saves you valuable time and money.

CCTV Inspection

Our CCTV drain camera equipment is the best on the market and can tell us precisely where your drainage system’s troubles lie.

Pipe Relining

Without digging your gardens, lawns or driveways you can fix faulty drains with our No-Dig Pipe Relining supported by 100% labour guarantee.

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