can soap block drains

Can Soap Block Drains? Here is how to Fix it!

Does soap block drains? We hear this question quite a lot from our plumbing customers.

To get started let’s learn what clogs bathroom drains: Any solid material that goes down the drain can contribute to blocked drains. Soap is not a perfectly solid organic material. However, it is one of the main contributing items which gives opportunity to other kinds of materials to build up.

Can Soap Block Drains?

You may not believe soap is capable of clogging your drains, but it most certainly is. Bar soap has a tendency to re-solidify in drains, resulting in clumps of it accumulating into a huge, gloopy mass over time, eventually clogging the drain. There is no way to completely avoid soap build-up unless you plan to convert to a liquid soap for regular use.

Not only is soap build-up in your pipes an annoyance, but it can also be harmful — soap scum attracts bacteria, and nobody wants to conclude their morning shower trudging through an inch of germ-infested water.

Can laundry detergent clog pipes?

Generally, liquid detergents will not clog your washing machine or dishwasher’s pipes. While there is a tiny increase in the chance of clogging when using powdered detergents, as long as the suitable amount is used for the appliance, you should have no problems with pipe or drain clogging.

Same goes for charcoal soap and body wash. They might not be the direct factor contributing to your blocked shower drain. However, they build up in the long term forming unwanted mass which acts as the major factor for clogged bathroom drains. Note: liquid soaps or detergents are less likely to cause block drains compared to bar soaps and powdered laundry detergent.

How to Fix Blocked Drains clogged by Soap?

Shower drain clogs are a messy business! Typically, accumulated hair clogs drains in bathtubs and showers. Hair retains soapy residues, which combine with the clumps of hair to form impenetrable blockages that cause water to back up into shower basins and bathtubs.

soap clogging bathroom drains
This is how soap builds up in bathroom drains

How to Prevent Blocked Drains?

There are three ways to prevent blocked drains;

Replacement: Soaps are one of the most used organic material that goes through the drain. So, completely eliminating the problem is not possible. Using liquid body wash / soap / detergents can help you minimise the problem up to a greater extent. So, our number one suggestion will  be for you to try to avoid bar soaps and powdered detergents.

Maintenance: No matter how hard you try, drains have the tendency to degrade overtime. So, maintaining it time to time can also save you a lot of cost. You can use home remedies like; pouring hot water, using commercial drain cleaners, and also using a plunger where possible.

Rebuilding: Are you facing blocked drain problems again and again. Chances are; it is due to an underlying cause that may be related to improper installation. A collapsed drain can cause major property damage. Repairing a collapsed drain typically requires a CCTV study and excavation work, which includes removing the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. Contact us today to get the status of your drain checked.

Soaps that don’t Clog Bathroom Drain

There are numerous ways to prevent blocked drains from soap. You could use liquid soap instead of the bar soap as the best suggestion. Liquid soaps, such as bubble bath or dispenser soaps, simply wash down drains more easily. Additionally, because they do not mix as much with hair and other soil waste, they are less likely to contribute to clogs.

Due to the fact that dishwashing soap is a type of liquid detergent, it will not clog drains or pipes. A powdered dishwashing detergent, on the other hand, is more prone to clog the pipes but is less prevalent. It is critical to use the optimum amount of powdered detergent in the dishwasher to avoid blockages.

Call Sydney’s #1 Blocked Drain Specialists

Dial Up Plumbing Services is available to assist you when soap clogs any drainage system. Our fully qualified team will successfully remove soap from any kitchen sink, bathroom drain, or other type of plumbing. Our soap blockage removal service is as effective and feasible since we use dependable and safe approaches. Get in touch to fix your your blocked drains today.

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