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Blocked Storm Water Drain | Causes and Fixes

What is blocked storm water drain?

A blocked storm water drain is a common plumbing issue that occurs during everyday weather event such as rain or a storm. Your property is fitted with gutters, down pipes, and storm water drainage pits that will collects rain water and discharge it into the street’s storm water drainage system. If you observe water overflowing from your gutters or pools around your property, you most likely have a clogged storm water drain.

Keeping each storm water drain clear and unblocked is critical to protecting your home from a possible flood that could create a moat-like condition around your home. Blocked gutters can allow water to leak into the home, causing water damage to the property.

It can also seep into the house through open doors, causing damage to the floor. It is critical to maintain the storm water drainage system surrounding your property and to address obstructions as soon as they are discovered. Consider several of the most common obstructions discovered in storm water drains and how they can be remedied and prevented.

Important Notice:

Blocked storm water drains pose a risk to many properties throughout the year, but the problem typically worsens during periods of high rain. The most typical causes of clogging in these drains are mud, leaves, and tree roots.

We will assist you regardless of what is causing an issue with your storm water system. With the non-invasive technologies we use, our technicians will rapidly discover and unclog even the most stubborn obstructions. Because difficulties with your storm water system might result in a slew of additional issues and flood your property, it is best not to take a chance with do-it-yourself solutions and to leave it to our licenced professionals.

All you have to do is contact us, and our storm water drain clearing Sydney crew will immediately remove all clogged drains. And restore full water flow, and if there is flooding, we will allow it to drain swiftly.

blocked storm water drain repairs
Flowing storm water drain in streets

What causes Blocked Storm Water Drain?

The most frequently encountered obstructions in storm water drains include environmental debris such as leaves, dirt, stones, sand, and sticks, as well as garden covering materials such as bark and mulch. Whatever is in its path will be picked up by the water and carried down the drains and pipes.

A build-up of this debris will result in a blockage. The issue with storm water drains is that water generally rushes down them after a rain event. And if the drains are not checked afterwards, environmental waste can accumulate and cause a clog. The most common factors that causes blocked storm water drains are;

  1. Damaged or collapsed pipes that restricts water flow
  2. Garden waste, leaves and roots that blocks the drain
  3. Improper installation that causes it to degrade quickly

Signs of Blocked Storm Water Drain

The majority of individuals are unaware their Sydney storm water drain is clogged until it rains or storms. While storm water drains are designed to manage enormous volumes of water, they will quickly overflow if something is impeding the flow of water.

Water overflowing onto your property is a common symptom of a blocked storm water drain in Sydney, as are surface grates flooding during heavy rain, water gushing out of your downpipes, and gurgling sounds emanating from your drains. If you observe any of these signs, you should contact a certified Sydney plumber immediately.

How to fix blocked storm water drain?

Depending on the nature of the obstruction, you may be able to resolve it with a plunger. In the majority of circumstances, contacting a plumber such as Blocked Drain Repairs Sydney will save you time and money. We blast the blockage away with plunging rods or a jet blast machine to guarantee the pipe is clear.

How to prevent blocked Storm Water Drain?

The most effective way to avoid a clogged storm water drain is to keep gardens in good condition. And remove any leaf debris from the gutters. Once every six months, gutters should be cleaned. Removing all tree branches, leaves, and other debris that have accumulated throughout the year. Always wear gloves and stand on a properly erected ladder when performing this task.

When to call Sydney’s blocked drain specialists?

Blocked Drains caused due to storms and rainy weather is considered harmful for your house and your health. Waiting for the problem to be solved by itself is not a good idea as it can bring more damage. The right time to call Sydney’s blocked drain specialist is as soon as you start to see the signs.

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